here-file's in lfs (Was: Re: Compose key (and console fonts))

elko elko at
Mon Oct 15 12:12:55 PDT 2001

On Monday 15 October 2001 20:35, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> cat > /etc/sysconfig/keyboard << "EOF"
> # Begin /etc/sysconfig/keyboard
> LAYOUT=<path-to-keymap>
> # End /etc/sysconfig/keyboard

when i copy'n'paste these command's from the book, the last "EOF"
doesn't do the job, I have to enter EOF at the *beginning* of
the last line and without the `"' around the EOF string;
also, every line has 1 space before it,
which i have to `x' with vi...

is this because of the formatting in the book ?

from lfs-book-3.0.txt (and CVS-html):
 cat > $LFS/etc/group << "EOF"

This type of section is used mainly when creating configuration files. 
The first command (in bold) tells the system to create the file 
$LFS/etc/group from whatever is typed on the following lines until the 
sequence EOF is encountered. Therefore, this whole section is generally 
typed as seen.

if i make the first line like this: cat > $LFS/etc/group << " EOF"
(notice the extra space before "EOF"), the c'n'p works fine,
maybe it's something the book can use ??

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