Internet Sharing (about dns)

Joao Pedro Clemente jpcl at
Mon Oct 15 05:48:02 PDT 2001

> > > Do you know how I would set up a DNS forwarder in Linux?
> > 
> > y not just nat the DNS too?
> Well, that's what I do now. :-)
> I just figured it would be 'cleaner' if my internal machine didn't have
> to have any knowledge about my connection. So that. if my connection
> would change, only the router would have to be updated.

You're completely right. That is the config I have.
In my Linux router's  (yes, I talked about a windows NAT machine, but that
is not the only one I have :), I have the samething setup and I use a
software called
"dnsmasq" that I recommend you. Its easy to set up . Look for it in

It is : 
Dns forwarder
Dns cache

3 reasons to use it :  
 a) Speed up dns resolution (by caching)
 b) Dynamic dns server change if you change ISP's
 c) It can act as a dns server for you home network 
( I love being able to "ping mymachine" :)

Good luck!

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