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Sun Oct 14 22:05:22 PDT 2001

also sprach Stefano:
> >
> > xv -root -max -quit filename.jpg
> Well, I've already tried this command and it works perfectly when i'm in Xterm,
> but it doesn't work inside .xinitrc or .bsetbgrc, so i have to write it down every time after running X.
> I was looking for a script to set it up automatically when i run startx.
> Stefano

You need to have it in the "style" file. This from the bottom of my
Simple Elegance style:

bevelWidth:			2
borderWidth:			1
handleWidth:			4

rootCommand:	xv -quit -root -max ~/.blackbox/backgrounds/SE.jpg

If you use a default style, put it in that. Styles, by the way, live in

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