Syncing m500

Tom Panning tpanning at
Sun Oct 14 19:17:10 PDT 2001

This is slightly off-topic, but I couldn't find any other place to ask.

I recently bought a Palm m500, and I want to be able to sync with Linux. I
managed to get pilot-link to do a "network" sync through the USB cradle
(from what I've read, pilot-link can't read the straight USB sync, so you
run pppd on your computer and do a network sync). Now that I have that
working, I'd like to be able to use AvantGo or an AvantGo-like program to
put news and webpages on my Palm when I sync.

Also, I have PocketQuicken which works with Quicken in Windows. I'd really
like to find a similar pair of programs that will work with Linux.

If anyone here knows how to solve these problems, or can point me to some
docs or another mailing list that might help, please let me know.


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