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> > >The linux box _must_ run DHCP and have the windows box as default
> > >(I think the windows box defaults to ip x.x.x.1).
> I dont run DHCP (but the software I use allows me to use it if I wanted
> Not using makes my life easyer and I have static IP's set up on each
> machine)
> > Actually any Windows box can be used to share internet, you just need
> appropriate tools.  I'm currently using Sygate Home
> > Network on my Win98 (first edition) box (used by the family, so not
> Linux).
> > It uses NAT (aka IP Masquerading), which allows you to have unlimited
> number of IP's "hidden" behind one exterior IP.  The program
> > itself includes configurable access rules (if this port is opened out,
> allow connections inward through this port) as well as things such as
> > blacklisting, just like IPchains.  For my purposes it works just fine.
> course, you could probably do with a much more basic program (vproxy?)
> > to give you just the basic feautres.  This program uses quite a bit of
> resources, which is unfortunate.  However, with a simple NAT proxy
> > program, of which many are available ( you should be able
> to share Internet with any Windows box.  One I might suggest is
> > All Aboard 2000.  I used it for a friend's system and she's never
> yet.  It was merely a matter of running the program and everything set
> > itself up.  But now I'm rambling :)
> I dont now this aboard one, but what I use has
> - NAT
> - Firewall rules (like ipchains)
> - Proxy server
> - Dns forwarder
> - DHCP server
> You can use it just by setting up the NAT and leave everything else alone
> (and configuring the NAT is just a matter of introducing the internet
> connection you use in a dialog box)
> In my case , I have NAT, dns forwarder (the clients dns server look for
> at this machine) and proxy. I have runned it in a machine as low as a P200
> MMX with 32 Mb ram
> this is " winroute " and you can get it at (evaluation
> version - no limitations - for 30 days)
> You have a excelent manual to download that explains you a lot abou
> configuring with the different ways you have to set up you connection!
> Good luck!
> Joao Clemente
> "My software never has bugs. It just develops random features" - Unknown
Anybody experience (no pun intended :) with windows XP pro? I can't find out
which proxy port to use and ICS doesn't want to run without firewalling.
recommends to make a disk which sets up other winboxes which is of course
useless for linux. Also, it won't let me set the advanced settings, it only
me to run the Network Wizard (grr hate it when it does that!)
I'm trying to go with dhcpcd on my linux box, but this always times out.
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