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Craig Colton meerkats at
Sun Oct 14 04:38:40 PDT 2001

On Sunday 14 October 2001 03:37 am, you wrote:
> 	Actually any Windows box can be used to share internet, you just need the
> appropriate tools.  I'm currently using Sygate Home Network on my Win98
> (first edition) box (used by the family, so not Linux).  Although I would
> probably recommend another program, this one works.  It uses NAT (aka IP
> Masquerading), which allows you to have unlimited number of IP's "hidden"
> behind one exterior IP.  The program itself includes configurable access
> rules (if this port is opened out, allow connections inward through this
> port) as well as things such as blacklisting, just like IPchains.  For my
> purposes it works just fine.  Of course, you could probably do with a much
> more basic program (vproxy?) to give you just the basic feautres.  This
> program uses quite a bit of resources, which is unfortunate.  However, with
> a simple NAT proxy program, of which many are available (
> you should be able to share Internet with any Windows box.  One I might
> suggest is All Aboard 2000.  I used it for a friend's system and she's
> never problems yet.  It was merely a matter of running the program and
> everything set itself up.  But now I'm rambling :)
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> -Plasmatic
> Plasmatic(at)

I've a copy of Sygate - and have 2 Win98 computers. How might I get started 
setting up my Linux/LFS machine to use it (home network only)? I'm presently 
using IPtables to enable a gateway the one direction, but I'd also like to be 
able to share the other way (my winmodems seem to be a bit snappier than the 
older ISA in my LFS box) - this thread resparked my interest.
I'll be gone for a week, thank you for any advice.


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