Chris Lingard chris at stockwith.uklinux.net
Sun Oct 14 03:39:28 PDT 2001

Erika Pacholleck wrote:

> Would someone mind explaining what's happening here, please.

Hello Erika,

You can always revert to an older version of file;  but they are all wrong.

The reason is that it is looking in the wrong place for uint8 ...  What the 
configure stuff does it to make up its own definitions;  this is why it 
cannot detect them; but can calculate their size.

Gerard's patch works fine.  It puts in the header file stdint.h so that the 
correct definitions are found in the compile phase.

I was not aware of this patch when I posted mine because my LFS book is out 
of date.  If you use my patch;  it adds stdint.h to the configure script 
and to readelf.c.  The net result is much the same.


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