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>At 13:20 2001-10-12, Simon Geard wrote:
>>On Friday 12 October 2001 07:48, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > I'm happily running LFS on my laptop, but this has a winmodem (a hamr5600)
>> > which I can't get to work. So unfortunately, I'm still stuck to using
>> > windows on my dad's computer. I use samba for filesharing. How can I setup
>> > these two to use internet sharing? I want to dial on demand via my laptop,
>> > but fetch mail with my own linux programs. Pointers to guides or howto's
>> > all happily accepted of course(allmost all documentation I read is the
>> > other way around - winboxes connecting via linux).
>> > I'm getting a bit tired of Outlook, especially if I read my own mail (all
>> > the quotes are wrong, can't seem to get them right)
>> > TIA
>>I tried this in the past, but eventually gave up in frustration. My parents
>>computer (a Win98 box) used to have a fast connection (microwave based), but
>>drivers for the hardware were only available for Windows. After some months
>>of trying to get the machine to share a connection, I gave up and started
>>downloading large stuff on the other machine, then ftping them to my linux
>>Windows simply isn't good at that kind of thing - I couldn't get connection
>>sharing working even with my box booted into Windows, let alone with Linux.
>Yes with 98 it's a pain, havn't figured it out here either... But it's 
>actually shipped with win98SE, Me and 2000. It's called internet connection 
>sharing and can be read about in the help. Basically you need to have it 
>installed (Windows setup->communication->internet connection sharing) then 
>it must be activated by the mighty wizard ;).
>The linux box _must_ run DHCP and have the windows box as default gateway 
>(I think the windows box defaults to ip x.x.x.1).
>good luck / seb
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	Actually any Windows box can be used to share internet, you just need the appropriate tools.  I'm currently using Sygate Home 
Network on my Win98 (first edition) box (used by the family, so not Linux).  Although I would probably recommend another program, this one 
works.  It uses NAT (aka IP Masquerading), which allows you to have unlimited number of IP's "hidden" behind one exterior IP.  The program 
itself includes configurable access rules (if this port is opened out, allow connections inward through this port) as well as things such as 
blacklisting, just like IPchains.  For my purposes it works just fine.  Of course, you could probably do with a much more basic program (vproxy?) 
to give you just the basic feautres.  This program uses quite a bit of resources, which is unfortunate.  However, with a simple NAT proxy 
program, of which many are available ( you should be able to share Internet with any Windows box.  One I might suggest is 
All Aboard 2000.  I used it for a friend's system and she's never problems yet.  It was merely a matter of running the program and everything set 
itself up.  But now I'm rambling :)


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