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Brendan Taylor craftian at
Sat Oct 13 15:27:50 PDT 2001

While rebuilding my LFS system (an accident involving hdparm and unread manuals) I discovered that when you hit one of the Windows keys and then a combination of letters, you get characters that aren't on the keyboard (¶, ÿ, etc).

This doesn't work quite as planned in LFS.  Characters aren't what they're supposed to be.
For example, compose e = is supposed to yield the Euro character, but all that shows up on the console is a blank rectangle, and compose C ) is just a capital R instead of a copyright sign.

I fiddled around with the console font for a while, but never found anything of use.

Also, if I try to use a special character when logging in, the character doesn't display and the backspace key stops working on that agetty.

Did I mess something up?  Is this a localization setting (I have $LANG set to en_CA and $LC_COLLATE to C) I'm missing, or do I just need to spend more time looking for the right console font?
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