Erika Pacholleck pchllck at nexgo.de
Sat Oct 13 11:46:16 PDT 2001

[12.10.01 15:58 -0400] Gerard Beekmans <-- :
> On Fri, Oct 12, 2001 at 08:27:04PM +0100, Chris Lingard wrote:
> > First the package file-3.36.tar.bz2, was 3.34 on my original LFS.  This did 
> > not compile for me.  The problem was thar the configure script was not 
> > finding the definitions of uint6, uint16, ....
> The problem is known, the lfs-book contains a fix for this way:
> sed $'/#define __/a \\\n#include <stdint.h>' readelf.h.backup > readelf.h
> which makes it compile properly. Pretty much the same as your patch, but
> this one doesn't require downloading a patch and apply it.
Would someone mind explaining what's happening here, please.

I have the same what Chris writes if I use the sed fix:
- all uintxx are not recognized but
- all uintxx sizes are assigned a number and
- during compile I get a warning exactely caused by this
  from readelf.h, readelf.c, /usr/include/stdint.h:61: empty declaration

Well, I am no programer and with my normal understanding I would just
interprete that as something like, see if the system has those uint's
and how big they are defined. Which leads me to guessing if the first
answers are no, I cannot suddenly find their sizes.
And how much of those results are going to influence compiling?

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