Internet sharing

Simon Geard delgarde at
Sat Oct 13 04:07:22 PDT 2001

On Saturday 13 October 2001 05:16, Menno Boer wrote:

> Unfortunately, ICS works only on the following MSOS's.. 98SE and 2000(all
> flavours).
> If they insist on Win98 there is always Wingate or equals... Try those..

It's not a matter of insisting on Win98 - it was the only choice at the time 
(other than to install NT). Even now though, I'd have to be crazy to install 
anything newer on the system - given availablity, I'd have to go with either 
XP, ME, or 2K. None of them would run acceptably on a 64Mb Celeron 600.

As for Wingate, I tried that. Couldn't even get it to work between Win98 
machines, let alone a Linux box. Same goes for 5-6 other connection sharing 
systems I tried - the only one I could get to work required some kind of 
software on both machines - and thus was useless for Linux.

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