Kernel 2.4.12 and counting.... ;-)

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Fri Oct 12 15:06:57 PDT 2001

R. Bosch wrote:
> btw:
> couldn't we link /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts ?
> It works better IMHO
> Any thoughts?

Yes, you certainly can do this. It's personal preference really. The
only disadvantage in linking /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts that I can see
is that you lose some useful information by doing so.

What do you lose? For example, if you use the "--bind" mount option or
you do a lot of mounts via loopback (/dev/loop*), then you lose info
about some of the special options used to mount a fs. Since I utilize
a lot of this info for various reasons,
linking /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts doesn't really work all that well
for me.

Anyway, take your pick. Each one has its advantages depending on your

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