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> > So I downloaded and installed gnustep-make-1.01. As I wanted to
> > compile gnustep-base-1.02 the configure script tells me that I don't
> > have Objective C installed. Ok, I read the documentation of gnustep
> > and downloaded gnustep-objc-1.0.0. But when I run the configure script
> > it says me the following: 
> I don't use Gnustep, or anything with objective c, so I'm not sure, but at
> a guess, I'd say that gnustep-objc would be Objective C bindings for
> Gnustep, rather than objective C itself. Have you compiled gcc with objc
> in the --enable-languages= arg?

Hmm ... no! I didn't knew that I should and that I could. Ok, I'm
compiling gcc now with objc maybe that helps. Thanks.

Here is a snip from gnustep doc that mentions the objc package:

gnustep-objc package (for gcc version < 3.0)'
     This is a special version of the Objective-C runtime that include
     several bug fixes and features that were not in gcc versions
     previous to 3.0.  It is available at
     <> which compiles using the
     GNUstep Makefile package (so you don't have to get the entire gcc
     dist). Make sure to set the THREADING variable in the
     It's possible to compile the library static (make shared=no) and
     just copy to the place where the gcc libobjc library is (type gcc
     -v to get this location).

Maybe you can see if I need this gnustep objc package. 
I have set the threading variable to posix and pthreads, no change.


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