kernel -2.4.10/11 and vfat

Mike Hildebrandt mikeh at
Thu Oct 11 10:03:37 PDT 2001

I've always noticed this behavior, no matter what kernel version I used.  I
attributed it to the fact that as VFAT doesn't support permissions in the
same way as Ext2, Linux automatically showed everything as executable.  And
when I copy files from a VFAT to EXT2 partition they stay as executable
unless I do a chmod a-x *.

Perhaps there's a configuration option to change this?
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  what is wrong with vfat in these kernels?I've tried them both and for some
reason every file on my vfat partitons is now an executable.Doesn't matter
what extention it has (i.e  .txt, .png etc,etc)
   This didn't happen with 2.4.9 or any other 2.4.x version.I have compiled
with my old 2.4.9 kernel config and without (starting from scratch)but still
get the same darn results.Anyone have a clue what I can do about it?I do a
lot of downloading in windows because there is no download client quit like
getright for linux yet.Running chmod on multiple files can get to be a pain
after a while.Can someone please help?

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