Nothing like Getright? (was Re: kernel -2.4.10/11 and vfat)

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Fri Oct 12 09:19:49 PDT 2001

Adam Ottley wrote:

> On October 12, 2001 05:31 am, someone wrote:
>> According to the mount manpage, the noexec option simply stops binaries
>> from being executed. It doesn't say anything about changing the permissions
>> on them.

Right, since the vfat fs doesn't have permissions as such though, it's
almost as if these permissions you see when mounting it on Linux are
virtual permissions??? This is just a layman's observation/question.

> When I mount a vfat partition exec, everything has 755 permissions.  When
> mounted noexec, the permissions are 644.

That's *exactly* how it *_used_to_* work here. I don't know if it was
intended to work this way; maybe yes; maybe no. Anyway, something has
changed *here*, and it's not this way any longer.

So, knowing that the 755 vs. 644 thing still works for you makes me
think that there is some hidden bug somewhere lurking. Who knows
though... Frankly, it does not matter much to me since that one
msdos/fat/vfat floppy I found is the only one I have.

No DOS anything fs anywhere near here. After reading these posts and
doing my little experiment, I was immediately concerned whether the
"noexec" mount option was working at all. I checked though. All is
well in that regard. I usually mount /var and /tmp with "noexec,nosuid"

I copied /bin/ls to /tmp to be sure it was not executable these days.
Nope, it's not executable. Good. /tmp/ls removed. Done.

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