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>At 13:20 2001-10-12, Simon Geard wrote:
>>On Friday 12 October 2001 07:48, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > I'm happily running LFS on my laptop, but this has a
>winmodem (a hamr5600)
>> > which I can't get to work. So unfortunately, I'm still
>stuck to using
>> > windows on my dad's computer. I use samba for filesharing.
>How can I setup
>> > these two to use internet sharing? I want to dial on
>demand via my laptop,
>> > but fetch mail with my own linux programs. Pointers to
>guides or howto's
>> > all happily accepted of course(allmost all documentation I
>read is the
>> > other way around - winboxes connecting via linux).
>> > I'm getting a bit tired of Outlook, especially if I read
>my own mail (all
>> > the quotes are wrong, can't seem to get them right)
>> > TIA
>>I tried this in the past, but eventually gave up in
>frustration. My parents
>>computer (a Win98 box) used to have a fast connection
>(microwave based), but
>>drivers for the hardware were only available for Windows.
>After some months
>>of trying to get the machine to share a connection, I gave up
>and started
>>downloading large stuff on the other machine, then ftping
>them to my linux
>>Windows simply isn't good at that kind of thing - I couldn't
>get connection
>>sharing working even with my box booted into Windows, let
>alone with Linux.
>Yes with 98 it's a pain, havn't figured it out here either... But it's
>actually shipped with win98SE, Me and 2000. It's called
>internet connection
>sharing and can be read about in the help. Basically you need
>to have it
>installed (Windows setup->communication->internet connection
>sharing) then
>it must be activated by the mighty wizard ;).
>The linux box _must_ run DHCP and have the windows box as
>default gateway
>(I think the windows box defaults to ip x.x.x.1).
>good luck / seb

Even if you are running Win98SE or 2000 it's still a pain, because, AFAIK,
clients using it HAVE to collect a DHCP address from the machine sharing the
connection. I've found that it's far easier to use a third party internet
sharing util. One of these will probably do the job:  I've used All Aboard for a while,
and it works ok-ish.


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