Nothing like Getright? (was Re: kernel -2.4.10/11 and vfat)

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Thu Oct 11 17:46:12 PDT 2001

Reboant wrote:

> Guys you've missed the point which is ALL files are executable in vfat with
> kernels 2.4.10 and 11.

Maybe it's a bug???
I don't know if this is different in 2.4.10+ kernels... Since, I don't
have any vfat filesystems anywhere... But see below

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> If this makes a difference this is the exact line I have in /etc/fstab:
> /dev/hde1  /mnt/C  vfat  defaults,user,umask=002,gid=100,unhide,quiet  0 0

Someone else, Adam Ottley, mentioned this already.
Try using the mount option "noexec". But the mount man page says that

user  Allow an ordinary user to mount the file system.  This option implies
      the options noexec, nosuid, and nodev (unless  overridden  by  subse-
      quent options, as in the option line user,exec,dev,suid).

You've got "user" up there... I have never used the other options, but
have you tried to remove all the "umask=002,gid=100,unhide,quiet"?
Maybe that will have some effect???

Wait, maybe this is a kernel bug or something? In fact, maybe this is
what you, or someone else, was trying to say.

==== quick experiment ====
I found an msdos/fat/vfat floppy. Here is my fstab floppy line:
/dev/fd0   /mnt/floppy     auto      rw,noauto,user    0 0

`mount -v /mnt/floppy' gives me:
mount: you didn't specify a filesystem type for /dev/fd0
       I will try type vfat
mount: block device /dev/fd0 is write-protected, mounting read-only
/dev/fd0 on /mnt/floppy type vfat (ro,noexec,nosuid,nodev,user=jan)

It's mounted with "noexec", but `ls -l' gives me:
-rwxr-xr-x    1 jan      jan         <size> <date> <filename>

for every file. Now, it didn't do that the last time I mounted a
vfat filesystem with those mount options... Hmmm, that was with a
2.2.18 kernel. This is with a 2.4.10 kernel. Do I see "BUG"???

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