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Reboant rgreg at
Thu Oct 11 04:49:42 PDT 2001

On Wednesday 10 October 2001 01:24 pm, you wrote:
> > [...] I can also recommend the pre-empting patch,
> > which does a
> > great job at keeping everything smoothly running. Find it at
> >
> Wow, that looks like some very nice patches there!
> ~Jason

Thanks guys I'm curious at how well that patch works now.At the time I wrote 
the first message I was running kernel 2.4.9 (sorry I didn't mention that 
earlier) but have upgraded to 2.4.11 since in order to fix this 
problem.Things are faster (at first) but as soon as I get online and open 
Mozilla or do anything memory entensive things really start to slow down.It 
just doesn't make any sense that after adding up to 256 megs I end up with 
only 3 megs free and apps in X taking forever to open or even crashing.Gotta 
give that patch a try though.

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