qlogin not working on a CD

Chris Lingard chris at stockwith.uklinux.net
Thu Oct 11 12:34:14 PDT 2001

Hello Fernando Arbeiza

Can you tar etc before you make that CD, then unpack the etc.tar on start 
up;  this is what I do.

Guillermo Pereyra wrote

This is useless. The memory freed by the swapping operation will be eaten
by the ramdisk

You are probably right.  Just did not seem right to be running with no swap 

J.A. Neitzel wrote:

> wizztick wrote:
>> As I recall correctly Chris' package is using a floppy to save some
>> config and other data.

No floppy.  It boots right off the CD.  The boot process emulates a 2.88Mb 
>> This CD is indeed overkill when only used to repair or install a LFS
>> system.
>> But if some people like to play with Linux without the 'trouble' of
>> installing. Then this CD is great.

Thank you
> I made a CD system a long time ago. It worked just fine for recovery
> and installing a new system, but this whole "system on a CD" was just
> *too* wicked slow to be used for much more than this.
I have not found this.  If the CD has run down, then you will here it start 
up after you put in an instruction.  If you keep it busy then it is not 
noticably slower then a hard disk.

My timings for building bash, (unpacked in the RAM root); and glibc, 
(unpacked in a spare disk partition mounted temporaly) are much the same

To install a complete LFS system by copying from CD took 9m 30s

Now to Gerard

The CD that I make can be used as a recovery CD; but it is also a complete 
LFS system in its own right.  As someone said,  you can boot it, and play 
LFS Linux without installing or touching the hard disks.  It runs a simple 
X, (mwm).

I am looking at a system that does not need root or /usr.  You could just 
have /home and /usr/local on hard disk.

Since I obviosly like playing with bootable CDs, I am rebuilding with clean 
source using -march=i586 -mcpu=i586 -O1.  I am hoping that this is generic, 
but from some postings I am starting to worry a bit.

I am aiming to get KDE running from the CD.  Anyone got any thoughts as to 
what should be on a generic bootable LFS Linux CD?


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