Trouble with ssh

Adam Sutton adam at
Thu Oct 11 09:13:45 PDT 2001

> > I am having trouble using the ssh client, (which I installed as per the
> > openssh hint).
> >
> > I can use the various clients ssh, scp etc... fine as root but when I
> > attempt to use them as a normal user I get the following message
> >
> > # ssh -l someone somewhere
> > Permission denied, please try again.
> > Permission denied, please try again.
> > Permission denied (publickey,password).
> Try using the "-v" flag to ssh and see what more it tells you. This
> will just give you some possibly helpful debugging info.

Doesn't give much more than without, (except all the initial connection
info). Just has as above except each time there is

debug1: authentications that can continue: publickey,password

> I don't want to ask anything silly, but do you have an account for
> "someone" on the "somewhere" machine? Does it ask you for a password
> before giving you "Permission denied, please try again."?

I'm bad but not that bad :P Yes I have an account on the machines I was
trying, like I said it works fine from the root account

No I don't get a prompt for the password.

Just had another look at the debugging, root gets the following just before
the password is requested

debug1: next auth method to try is password

but for my normal account it skips onto the "Permission Denied" stuff.

> Also, it may be useful to check if both "normal user" AND "root" have
> a ~/.ssh directory. If so, are they different?

both have the ssh directory with the only contents being the .knownhosts

> You didn't say much about where is this "somewhere" machine. It's not
> localhost is it? It's actually another machine? Just some ideas...

I tried several machines including the local machine, all of which I can
access from root account and from my windows box.



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