Moving extended partition to primary partition

Michael Brömer mib at
Thu Oct 11 07:52:27 PDT 2001

On Thursday, 11. October 2001 11:17, you wrote:
> But I would like to have LFS on the primary partition, so how do I move
> the content of the extended partition to the primary partition, without
> loosing permissions and links?

I would not "move" stuff, just copy everything, check that everything
works and then delete the original files. I use cpio for this kind of job.
1.) Boot some linux system, e.g. a rescue disc you made ;-) or the 
     rescue disc of some distri.
2.) Mount the <sourcepartition> and the <targetpartition>.
3.) cd <path to sourcepartition>
4.) find | cpio -pvd /<path to targetpartition>
5.) In case you copied your root-partition adjust /etc/fstab.
6.) Reboot and check everything works.

Now you can delete the original files. Of course for this to work
the rescue system has to support the filesystems of the source-
and targetpartition and cpio has to be available.


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