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Thu Oct 11 05:59:34 PDT 2001

Rolandas Imbrasas wrote:
> "Gerard Beekmans" <gerard at> wrote in message
> news:20011010105934.J23212 at
>> On Wed, Oct 10, 2001 at 09:34:19PM +1000, Rolandas Imbrasas wrote:
>> > Why prompt shows 'I have no name!', '13' instead of 'admin' and where it
>> > gets '1000' from? I do not have such group?
>> > I did apply shadowpasswd_plus hint earlier today but I do not think it
> could
>> > be related.
>> Have a look at the /lib directory and make sure the directory has mode 755
>> and all the files in there as well (at least all the *.so files)
> The /lib directory and all files in it have mode 755. I used chmod -c 755
> but it changed nothing. :(
> I checked /usr/lib as well.
> I have no idea why it is doing this to me :(
> Maybe I have to rebuild some package(s)? Just which one(s)?
> Any ideas?

Here are some possibilities...
Have you check the modes of /etc and these files?

/etc         mode = 0755
/etc/passwd  mode = 0644
/etc/group   mode = 0644

I saw this in your message:
drwxr-xr-x    4 1000     root         1024 Oct 10 20:24 ..

Perhaps you should check who owns /home . 1000 is not root, or it
probably shouldn't be. I would recommend `chown root /home'. Then
do a `cat /etc/passwd' and `cat /etc/group' just to be certain they
contain what you think they should contain.

BTW, who is user 1000 ?

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