Moving extended partition to primary partition

Guillermo Pereyra Irujo gpirujo at
Thu Oct 11 04:55:09 PDT 2001

> > As you may know I have used Ghost to clone my Linux partition because I
> > was moving around my partition.
> >
> > I finished moving my partitions and tried to put the Ghost image back.
> > Well, it was successfull, kind of. The problem is that Ghost does not
> > want to extract my extended LFS partition to a primary one. So I had to
> > extract it to I extended partition.
> >
> > But I would like to have LFS on the primary partition, so how do I move
> > the content of the extended partition to the primary partition, without
> > loosing permissions and links?
> I think tar is your best bet. You can use something like
> (cd /source && tar <switches> ) | (cd /target && tar <switches>)

It could be

{ cd /; tar c $(ls | grep -v -e proc -e dev); } |
{ cd /mnt/newpartition; tar x; }

I often use

cd /; cp -a $(ls | grep -v -e proc -e dev) /mnt/newpartition

You should skip -e dev if you don't use devfs.

Guillermo Pereyra Irujo
Mar del Plata, Argentina

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