Moving extended partition to primary partition

Matthias Benkmann matthias at
Thu Oct 11 04:34:14 PDT 2001

On 11 Oct 2001, at 11:17, Sanjuro Europe wrote:

> As you may know I have used Ghost to clone my Linux partition because I 
> was moving around my partition.
> I finished moving my partitions and tried to put the Ghost image back. 
> Well, it was successfull, kind of. The problem is that Ghost does not 
> want to extract my extended LFS partition to a primary one. So I had to 
> extract it to I extended partition.
> But I would like to have LFS on the primary partition, so how do I move 
> the content of the extended partition to the primary partition, without 
> loosing permissions and links?

I think tar is your best bet. You can use something like

(cd /source && tar <switches> ) | (cd /target && tar <switches>)

You must tell the first to tar to write to stdout and the second to read 
from stdin. I don't know the appropriate switches right now. Maybe someone 
else does. Otherwise RTM.

If you don't need to really move contents but would be content with 
swapping the 2 partitions I'm sure there has to be software that does 
that. At least there should be. It's a rather trivial task when I think 
about it. With the Norton Disk Editor I'm sure I could do it in no time. 
Speaking of this. Does anyone know about an open source program that can 
compete at least somewhat with Norton's Diskedit, which, although for DOS, 
is IMHO one of the coolest programs on earth. I have always dreamed about 
having something like it with ext2 support.


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