qlogin not working on a CD

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at belvento.org
Wed Oct 10 19:18:58 PDT 2001

wizztick wrote:

> As I recall correctly Chris' package is using a floppy to save some config
> and other data.
> This CD is indeed overkill when only used to repair or install a LFS system.
> But if some people like to play with Linux without the 'trouble' of
> installing. Then this CD is great.
> Christof

I can understand both points you say, and I think I agree. I must add
the following though.

I made a CD system a long time ago. It worked just fine for recovery
and installing a new system, but this whole "system on a CD" was just
*too* wicked slow to be used for much more than this.

If I had to use this CD system everyday... I would go and pull all of
my hair out!!! Frankly, my recovery floppy/zip combo is more usable
for everyday stuff because it's relatively fast.

All I try to say here is that a CD is too slow for an everyday system.
Again, just one observation.
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