makedev et al...

Simon Geard delgarde at
Wed Oct 10 03:33:27 PDT 2001

On Wednesday 10 October 2001 09:34, J.A. Neitzel wrote:
> >> >> mount --bind /dev $LFS/dev
> >> >
> >> > Sounds good, I'll keep it in mind
> >>
> >> Yes, this is what I do too. The "--bind" mount capability of 2.4 kernels
> >> is quite useful for many things. I mount $LFS/usr/src this way. Boy,
> >> that sure makes things easier than moving tarballs around from here to
> >> there.
> >
> > true but when you boot into lfs those tarballs aren't available, unless
> > you mount that partition and get them then.
> Right, this *is* what I do. One partition where all tarballs are kept.
> BTW, this is also the same partition used for building packages. It gets
> mounted no matter what system I boot into.

Same here. In my case, I've created a directory /home/lfs, which contains all 
my LFS related stuff - the basic packages, the book, my build scripts, and 
all the other packages I install as soon as I have a booting system. Because 
it's on my /home partition, it's easily accessed from any of my boot options.

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