can see partition contents under HOST distro, but under LFSq

Douglas J. Hunley doug at
Tue Oct 9 13:29:01 PDT 2001

On Tuesday 09 October 2001 16:28, Dave Anselmi babbled:

> I think your /etc/fstab is not correct, or that your boot script (mountfs,
> I think) is broken.  What you describe indicates that your /boot partition
> isn't mounted.  What error messages did you see on boot up (you should get
> some, if important things like /usr or /var aren't mounted)?

but, mount thinks it is... that's whats weird... and 'df' and 'du' show 11% 
disk usage...

> Once you've booted and /boot is empty, you can do some things.  fdisk
> /dev/sdb will show you whether your partitions are visible (they probably
> are).  mount will show you what's mounted (probably just / and maybe
> /proc).  If you know which partitions go where, you can mount them by hand
> and things should work from that point.

mounting by hand does same thing. debugfs on /dev/sdb1 shows nothing abnormal.

> If you still need help, run fdisk, print out the partition table, and post
> that and your /etc/fstab.  Probably you've figured it out already ;-)

/dev/sdb4 gets mounted fine (which is '/').. just sdb1 '/boot' and sdb3 
'/opt' are doing this....

but like I said, unders the host os, those exact partitions mount fine
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