can see partition contents under HOST distro, but under LFSq

Dave Anselmi anselmi at
Tue Oct 9 13:28:20 PDT 2001

"Douglas J. Hunley" wrote:

> I got a weird siutation... I have a box with both sda and sdb. sda is Suse
> 7.2 which I used to install LFS onto sdb.
> All is well so far. I compile my new kernel and reboot into LFS... suddenly
> anything on sdb not in the '/' partition is "not there". Invisisble. Reboot
> into SuSE, mount the LFS partitions, contents are there. Example:
> under SuSE, $LFS/boot contains the lilo files, and the kernel
> however, reboot into LFS and /boot is empty...
> any ideas?

I think your /etc/fstab is not correct, or that your boot script (mountfs, I
think) is broken.  What you describe indicates that your /boot partition isn't
mounted.  What error messages did you see on boot up (you should get some, if
important things like /usr or /var aren't mounted)?

Once you've booted and /boot is empty, you can do some things.  fdisk /dev/sdb
will show you whether your partitions are visible (they probably are).  mount
will show you what's mounted (probably just / and maybe /proc).  If you know
which partitions go where, you can mount them by hand and things should work
from that point.

/boot being empty doesn't cause problems with booting because lilo isn't
looking in /boot - it's looking at the disk blocks that hold the kernel (and
when you ran lilo, you had files in /boot so it was able to map out the disk

If you still need help, run fdisk, print out the partition table, and post that
and your /etc/fstab.  Probably you've figured it out already ;-)


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