Gregory Davis gdavis7 at
Tue Oct 9 08:59:02 PDT 2001

If you have ever dealt with fonts in Windows, you will actually appreciate 
that OS for something (at least).  I am going to assume the fonts actually 
are anti-aliased, they are simply ugly and you want new ones.  For AA 
fonts, you need either truetype or type 1.  I actually copied my (243.2) 
Windows truetype fonts into a separate directory in linux.  From there, you 
need to create a "fonts.dir" file for that directory.  This can be done 
with a "ttmkfdir" utility, which in turn depends on the Freetype 1 library 
(not the one built into X).  Once you made the fonts.dir file, you need to 
edit your "Xftconfig" file (in /etc/X11) to include all the type 1 and 
truetype font directories.  A sample entry is as follows:

dir "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/<fontdir>"

You then should comment that fontdir out of the "XF86Config" file in the 
"Fontpath" section, also in /etc/X11.  While in that XF86Config file, make 
sure you load the module "freetype" under the Section "Module".  

There is a cool guy named Keith Packard who bundles a few basic truetype 
fonts with a sample Xftconfig file, but I don't remember the URL for his 
stuff.  He works with XFree86.

Other URLS of interest: -> Donovan Rebecchi's guide -> freetype homepage -> ttmkfdir (looks broken) -> tarball from above 
site that I happened to save

PS, there should be an lfs-hint on this

Jan Stifter wrote:

> My Fonts in KDE looks still ugly, even though I have [X] antialised
> fonts compiled into qt and I have [X] turned on the antialised fonts
> in KDE. Is there a tool, with which I can see, which fonts are
> installed? Where can I download more fonts?
> Many thanks in advance!
> Jan

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