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Tue Oct 9 03:50:35 PDT 2001

also sprach "J.A. Neitzel":

> Sir Belford didn't tell us he used "inetd just for fun". I guess we
> assumed too much. I wonder...

Sir Belford replies and thanks Lord Neitzel for his kind appellation -
as do the gentlemen of court, my cats, Master Badger and Mister

No I don't run "inetd just for fun" - or anything else I can avoid. 
Whether that is due to sheer laziness or the appeal of minimalism
remains moot. It really, truly is a home PC; I use a modem to connect
the nasty outside world; don't run any ftp, http servers - in any event,
I've nothing to offer the outside world by way of interesting files or
whatever.  My main purpose in building LFS is: 1) to learn somewhat
about Linux; 2)to avoid the bloated OS's I would otherwise be lumbered
with. (I do run Win 98 - for a printer, a scanner, and the best game
ever written, Sid Meier's Civilization). I'm rambling.

I've nothing on this sytem that desparately needs protection, but
security seems an interesting field of enquiry - hence my pursuit of
it.  Alternatively, I employ the streaker's defence: "it seemed, Your
Honour, like a good idea at the time". 

Fergus Belford
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This day shall not come again,
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