creating a bootdisk without using a floppy

Chris Lingard chris at
Mon Oct 8 16:03:59 PDT 2001

Fernando Arbeiza wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there a way to create a bootdisk without a floppy?
> I made a bootable CD, so I needed an image from a bootdisk. I created a
> bootdisk using LILO and dd-copied it to the image file. After that, I
> tried to create the same bootdisk using the loopback device. But when LILO
> readed lilo.conf, as it is told to create the bootdisk at /dev/fd0, it
> tried to read from the floppy. So I couldn't create it.
> Any idea?

Hello again.

Yes.  You have to fool the CD to think its a floppy.  You should have used 
my package :-)

What you need to do is to modify your lilo.conf stuff to something like:

cat > $TOPDIR/lilo.conf <<EOF
bios=0x00 # bios ID from drive A, we need that here because lilo
# need to know which boot device to use
sectors=36 # 2.88MB disk geometry


But then you will need to put a 2.88 Mb image on the CD; your 
kernel/RAMDISK will have to be put into this image

Then, when you burn the CD you tell mkisofs

echo -n "Creating the CD iso image, $TOPDIR/bootcd.iso... "
mkisofs -b boot/boot.img -c boot.catalog \
               -o $TOPDIR/bootcd.iso \
               -J -r -T \
               -p "chris at" \
               -P "Chris Lingard" \
               -A "LFS Disk" \
Where boot/boot.img is the 2.88mB floppy


> Fernando Arbeiza,
> Cantabria, Spain

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