can see partition contents under HOST distro, but under LFSq

Douglas J. Hunley doug at
Mon Oct 8 14:30:14 PDT 2001

On Monday 08 October 2001 16:27, Jeroen Coumans babbled:

> Is this "just an example" or are you actually saying that /boot under
> LFS is empty? How can this be when your kernel images are stored in
> there (if you didn't deviate from the book and put them somewhere else)?
> Did you mount the correct partitions in your /etc/fstab? I noticed that
> you can have the wrong / partition in fstab but still have a correct
> bootup if you pass the correct kernel and / parameters to your boot
> manager.

not this isn't just an exmaple... /boot has all relevant files in it when 
mounted under SuSE.. rebooting through lilo to LFS and suddenly... the system 
boots, but all forms of 'ls' show nothing in /boot...

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