can see partition contents under HOST distro, but under LFSq

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Subject: can see partition contents under HOST distro, but under LFSq

> I got a weird siutation... I have a box with both sda and sdb. sda is
> 7.2 which I used to install LFS onto sdb.
> All is well so far. I compile my new kernel and reboot into LFS...
> anything on sdb not in the '/' partition is "not there". Invisisble.
> into SuSE, mount the LFS partitions, contents are there. Example:
> under SuSE, $LFS/boot contains the lilo files, and the kernel
> however, reboot into LFS and /boot is empty...
> any ideas?
Is this "just an example" or are you actually saying that /boot under
LFS is empty? How can this be when your kernel images are stored in
there (if you didn't deviate from the book and put them somewhere else)?
Did you mount the correct partitions in your /etc/fstab? I noticed that
you can have the wrong / partition in fstab but still have a correct
bootup if you pass the correct kernel and / parameters to your boot
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