/etc/mtab in a read-only medium

Fernando Arbeiza arbeizaf at ono.com
Mon Oct 8 11:18:19 PDT 2001

On Mon 08 Oct 2001 19:24, Chris Lingard wrote:

> Should be OK.  Let us know when it boots, it is wierd running from a CD as
> the timings are very different to a hard disk.  Perhaps we should trade
> bootable CDs

It seems to work now (mounting every filesystem with the -n flag). But I'm 
going to change that and link mtab (and /tmp and /var) into 'tmpfs' (as 
Guillermo Pereyra told me).

But I had a little problem: I tarred my /var from my LFS system (that I 
installed in the hard disk) to untar it into ramdisk (soon, into tmpfs) at 
the bootup from the CD. Well, the problem was:

At the bootscript that untar /var, I wrote:

	tar --extract --ungzip --directory=/mnt/rd --file=/boot/var.tar.gz

(after succesfully creating the ramdisk filesystem and mounting it at /mnt/rd)

and it didn't work (I know it works in the command shell).

Then, I changed it:

	cd /mnt/rd
	tar --extract --ungzip --file=/boot/var.tar.gz

and it worked.

It is supossed to be the same, isn't it?

> You can make a swap partition out of RAM, and put that into the fstab if
> you want.

But, If I make a swap partition in the hard disk, I wouldn't be able to 
manipulate the partition table booting from the CD.  ¿?

> Chris
> >> Good luck
> >
> > Thanks again,
> >

Fernando Arbeiza,
Cantabria, Spain
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