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Mon Oct 8 10:57:30 PDT 2001

Joachim Blaabjerg wrote:
> I'm just curious... A lot of people here has started talking about portmap,
> inetd, mountd, ftpd, telnetd and so on... Didn't mr. Belford say he used
> his machine as a basic workstation (based on LFS)? Is it likely that he has
> installed portmapd and inetd just for fun? I guess my point here is:
> If `netstat -l` shows nothing when you're connected to the internet and X
> is running and everything, you're rather safe. Start X with the `-nolisten
> tcp` argument to be sure, and, if you really want to, set up a
> iptables/ipchains/whatever firewall script.
> I'm usually quite paranoid too, but a basic workstation with no open ports
> is (IMHO) not likely exposed to any great risks of being compromized on the
> 'net.
> Just my two cents

This is *usually* what I think too... Most of what I try to do would
probably fall under the "Occam's Razor" principle. It hasn't killed
me yet ;) Of course, everything has its place. I've never monitored
my home machine yet to see whether someone on the net tries to scan
me BTW. And, at work, someone else deals with these issues.

Sir Belford didn't tell us he used "inetd just for fun". I guess we
assumed too much. I wonder...

Hmmm, what is the relation between paranoia vs. Occam's Razor???
This is just a rhetorical question BTW.

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