/etc/mtab in a read-only medium

Chris Lingard chris at stockwith.uklinux.net
Mon Oct 8 09:08:25 PDT 2001

Fernando Arbeiza wrote:

> On Mon 08 Oct 2001 17:17, Fernando Arbeiza wrote:
> <...>
> I only get more questions:
>> ·Create /etc/mtab as a symbolic link to a file in ramdisk. Should I mount
>> the ramdisk with the '-n' flag?
> Should I mount first the root partition (which is actually the CD) with
> the -n flag; then mount the ramdisk with the -n flag and finally remount
> both the root partition and the ramdisk with the -f flag in order to
> include them in /etc/mtab?
> Thanks a lot, I know I've made too many questions...
> Excuse me     ;)
>> Fernando Arbeiza
>> Cantabria, Spain

I made the link  /etc/mtab  ->  /proc/mounts.  You need to mount proc 
within your linuxrc script before you do anything with mount.  Then you do 
not need the -n flag.  I did it slightly differently

I made the ramdisk the root and mounted /proc and /cdrom onto it.  You can 
mount anything onto the CD provided you have the mount points.  You will 
need to change the mountfs and checkfs scripts since the cd is always read 

I made etc.tar, root.tar on the partition that becomes the CD; and un-tar 
these in the start up script.

If you make the CD the root then you will have problems with /tmp.  You can 
remake /var in the start up script.

Good luck


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