ATAPI Zip Drive

Skip Gaede sgaede at
Mon Oct 8 00:11:19 PDT 2001

Chris Lingard wrote:

> J.A. Neitzel wrote:
>> skip gaede wrote:
>>> Jared Kidd wrote:
>>>> so you are using an external parallel or scsi?
> I have SCSI emulation on the CDROM, and have a Zip on the parallel port. 
> I use:
> /dev/scd0  /cdrom  auto  ro,user,noauto,unhide  0 0
> /dev/sda4   /zip    ext2     rw,user,noauto     0 0
> /dev/fd0    /floppy  auto  rw,user,noauto,unhide   0 0
> On start up I do modprobe  ppa
> To format a zip i just do mke2fs  /dev/sda4
> To get it to read an msdos disk you need to have fat file systems in your
> kernel configuration.
> Chris

I've made some progress, but still need help. I think the problem relates 
to the fact that I upgraded my system and have a faster MLB. I found a ton 
of switches in the /proc/ide/hdc/settings. With my older, slower system, I 
didn't have to tweak anything. Now I have a faster system, I probably need 
to change some of the default settings. 

If anyone has gone thru this and has suggestions, I'm ready. If not, I'll 
probably need to install an official distro and see how they setup the zip 

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