KDE 2.2 - Kdelibs artsd seg fault

Skip Gaede sgaede at mediaone.net
Mon Oct 8 00:00:11 PDT 2001

Doug Harriman wrote:

> I've seen several postings relating to crashes when trying to start the
> arts
> daemon in KDE 2.2.  I was able to fix this and get sound working under KDE
> by installing the following library:
> audiofile-0.2.2.tar.gz
> I then had to recompile the KDE base and KDE multimedia components.  After
> that everything worked fine.
>  - Doug

Having spent some time on this, I, too, have some thoughts. 

The first thing to check out is whether or not KDE recognizes your sound 
card. Open the Sound Server applet (Preferences/sound/sound server) and on 
the Sound I/O tab, try the pull down list for Sound I/O Method. There 
should be some entries in that list! Mine has Autodetect,No Audio, and Open 
Sound System.

Second thing to check is how you built Qt. If you enabled threads in Qt, 
then you need to enable threads in KDE. The switch is --enable-mt. The 
reason I suggest this is that I just encountered a seg fault in a KDE app, 
and the developer said the reason was that I had somehow linked to both the 
threaded and the non-threaded versions of the Qt library. Check artsd by

ldd $KDEDIR/bin/artsd

If you find both libqt.so and libqt-mt.so in the list of loaded libraries, 
this could explain the problem.

Good luck,
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