Craig Colton meerkats at
Sun Oct 7 14:35:55 PDT 2001

> It looks like Daniel Roethlisberger is our man here...
> I think it would be really cool if we all thrash this out (and learn
> something in the process) and come up with a 'LFS approved' firewalling /
> nat system. Hopefully this is a topic that will interest a lot of us and
> get a good pounding.

     How about a *well* commented script so that individual users could use 
or modify parts that they want, according to their needs. When one gets their 
LFS system up, there (at least for me) is a real push to get networking and 
internet going, (a desperate need to get to "blfs-support" :) important 
things like firewalling might get pushed to the side. And it seems to me that 
even the simplest scripts require a great deal of research (read that "time") 
to put together if its your first.
      A horribly wordy way to say - "Yeah, a LFS firewall would be very 


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