Guillermo Pereyra Irujo gpirujo at
Sun Oct 7 11:41:46 PDT 2001

> with my spanking new lfs-3.0 system (well almost... uses kernel
> 2.4.10) I get an error-like msg during bootup, when it sets up routing
> for my eth0 (uses 8139too.o)
> It says: (something like)
> Setting up routing... task `ifconfig' exit_signal 17 in
> reparent_to_init
> [  OK  ]
> routing works... but i just feel annoyed over such a msg..
> Anyone ever seen this before?

Me. I have two computers, and I always get this message in the one that
ifconfigs up later. It seems to appear only if the other side answers to
something. Also for me this happens since I use 2.4.10.

The kernel's changelog mentions this reparent_to_init function, and IIRC
it's a new one. Perhaps it is not as stable as it should.

Guillermo Pereyra Irujo
Mar del Plata, Argentina

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