fcrontab playing wakeup sounds

deXter Rutecki deXter at ankarlift.com.NOSPAM
Sat Oct 6 20:54:18 PDT 2001

J.A. Neitzel wrote:

>>Something with my fcron setup?
> Kind of...
> What directory do you keep these sound-playing programs in? Is it by
> any chance, /usr/local/bin ??? Well, wherever they are... You want to
> make sure that this path is available to fcron via your fcrontab. I
> think you just put a "PATH=whatever you want it to be" up top in the
> fcrontab.
> You can also simply replace "mpg123" with "/path/to/mpg123". This will
> achieve the same goal. All of this is somewhere in the man pages for
> fcron IIRC.

I thought i tried that, but tried again before saying it didn't work and 
whatdya know it worked...

thanks a bunch

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