Setting up a print server. Help still needed

Jason Gurtz jason at
Fri Oct 5 09:50:31 PDT 2001

> > Thank you all for the replies. But I'm still having an hard
> > time because
> > I can't understand what's the job of each thing so I still
> > dunno what
> > I need. Here goes some postings you made and my questions:
> Putting these together, this is what you get:
> Unix --p--> Ghostscript ---l--> lpr -l-> spooler -l-> printer
>                                  ^
>                                  |
> Winders -w-> driver -l-> samba --+

	I'm not very familiar with the lprng (Next Genration) tool but in CUPS
the rasterizing and spooling and everything seems to be all taken care
of by CUPS with it's printer definition files.  I've got a PS capable
printer at home so my path looks like:

Unix --p--> CUPS --p--> Printer

	However with CUPS, there are "drivers" available (printer definitions)
that can allow you to print to PCL or other printers like:

Unix --p--> CUPS --l--> Printer

	I'm not certain with SAMBA exactly how it whould work for non-PS
printers but certainly, SAMBA whould have to let CUPS know that the data
was all ready in "printer  format" and didn't need any further
processing.  Another way would be to use a Postscript printer driver in
'doze and let CUPS do all the dirty work.

BTW, the CUPS developers sell drivers, but there is a package
"cups-drivers" that is freely available.  See for
more info and also other tools.

I think I got all that right, someone will surely correct me if I'm
wrong  :)



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