Dave Anselmi anselmi at
Thu Oct 4 22:12:35 PDT 2001

Brendan Taylor wrote:

> My setup looks something like this:
> hda*    Windows C:\
> hdb1    Windows D:\
> hdb5    Swap                                    (74mb)
> hdb6    /home   (for lfs and my base system)    (3.6gb)
> hdb7    /       (lfs)                           (3.6gb)
> hdb8    /       (mandrake)                      (2.6gb)

I don't know about Mandrake, but the list says that gnu parted will let you combine/resize partitions.  I haven't
used it.  I don't think you want a /usr that's smaller than / since it might get cramped.  You could use hdb8 for
/usr/local if you put kde et. al. or some other big packages there (or perhaps a lot of music files).

Of course if there's room to put your lfs on hdb6 temporarily than you could move everything there, and
repartition hdb7 & 8 however you like.  Might be easiest to have some boot floppies handy to do that.  I move
things around wholesale like that because I have >75% free on my drive at the moment.

I tried lvm (logical volume manager) under debian.  It lets you make one partition for the whole disk and then
chop it up into volumes that get mounted wherever.  The nice thing is that volumes can (theoretically) be resized
on the fly.  So you can lay out your mount points, assign minimal space to them and then use the free space where
it's needed, when it's needed.  Volumes can span disks, so if you run out of room and add a new disk, no
reorganizing needed.

Unfortunately it didn't work very well.  I had problems using the volumes after resizing them.  I'm hoping to get
some time to code, and thinking about helping out that project because it sure would be nice.  Maybe that's
biting off more than I can chew.


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