tmpfs or ramdisk

Tom Panning tpanning at
Thu Oct 4 21:52:05 PDT 2001

> I was thinking about using 20-30 Mo per site.
> There will be severals webs sites on one machine.
> I think i will create a ramdisk per site.
> One web site allows to upload files. I was asking
> about the directory that will contains these files.
> I think i will not put them in a ramdisk because i may
> loose them if the server crashes.

Just curious, but couldn't the same objective be reached by effective
caching by the web server? Depending on what web server you're running, I
would think that there would be some way to adjust how the cache works.

I'm just thinking that this would be more effective because the server could
keep the most frequently accessed pages in RAM.

Anyways, just my $0.02,

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