Brendan Taylor craftian at
Thu Oct 4 18:31:52 PDT 2001

My setup looks something like this:

hda*	Windows C:\

hdb1	Windows D:\
hdb5	Swap					(74mb)
hdb6	/home 	(for lfs and my base system)	(3.6gb)
hdb7	/ 	(lfs)				(3.6gb)
hdb8	/	(mandrake)			(2.6gb)

Now I want to relieve myself of mandrake's taint. I believe one of the partion
utilities that mandrake installed could delete a partition and concatenate it
onto another, but I can't recall what it was.

Perhaps this isn't even what I want to do, maybe moving /usr to a different
partition would be a better solution.

Whatever happens, I just don't want to waste that 2.6 gigs, as I'll need it later for all the crap I install.

Brendan Taylor
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