Running LFS on 386

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Thu Oct 4 14:55:58 PDT 2001

10/3/01 9:50:54 AM, Chris Lingard <chris at> wrote:

>Lalit Agarwal wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>>       I have compiled successfully LFS3.0 using RH7.1 as the host system.
>>       I
>> used a separated Hard Drive to create my LFS. While compiling the kernel I
>> took made sure to select 386 for the processor. When I boot from LFS on
>> the host machine, it boots fine and everything is great. When I use the
>> same HD on a 386 machine, it starts booting where it says
>> vmlinuz........... and suddenly the screen goes blank and the machine
>> reboots. This continues to happen repeatedly. I was thinking maybe its
>> because of the latest version of kernel not supporting the 386 processor.
>> I tried with older versions like 2.2.19 and 2.2.10 but I get the same
>> problem. I tried some 2.0 version kernels but they do not compile and give
>> me errors while running "make bzImage" in the file
>> /usr/src/linux/include/asm/string.h.
>> Any ideas???
>Not an idea, more of a wild guess.  How are you booting it? LILO
>If the Lilo was not build on an i386 it may not load the kernel correctly
>You could alter the Makefile of Lilo, line 60:
>< CFLAGS=-Wall -g -march=i386 -mcpu=i386 $(PCONFIG) $(AFLAGS)
>rebuild it and try again.  Make sure you have a recovery option in case it 
>does not work on either the host or the i386
>PS On a 486 it use to take a whole weekend to build glibc

I suggest trying this on a bootdisk first, just incase it doesn't work.  Also, when you compiled your kernel, did you make sure to set the processor 
to 386?  On my system it defaulted to 586, which will generate instructions which will crash your 386.  Just a couple ideas...



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