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Thu Oct 4 13:14:53 PDT 2001

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> Michenaud Laurent wrote:
> > I'm trying to optimize a web server performance.
> > I would like to optimize disk speed.
> > 
> > I was thinking at tmpfs or ramdisk.
> > 
> > What's the best between both ?
> > What would be the best fs for a ramdisk ? ext2, reiserfs ?
> Generally speaking, the temporary nature of a ramdisk makes it
> difficult to recommend reiserfs for this. How much space (fs size)
> are you thinking about?
> The reason I don't recommend reiserfs for this is because since the
> filesystem is temporary, there would be no need to mess with writing
> metadata to a journal. Plus the reiserfs journal takes up space.
> Anyway, if you lose power or crash your system, whatever is in this
> ramdisk is gonna say "bye bye" anyway.
> I almost think tmpfs would be better, mount it and go. Of course, this
> depends on how much memory you have to play with. Are you wanting to
> use this for cache data or something? All in all, tmpfs is very
> versatile! You can use it for most anything.

I was thinking about using 20-30 Mo per site.
There will be severals webs sites on one machine.
I think i will create a ramdisk per site.

One web site allows to upload files. I was asking
about the directory that will contains these files.
I think i will not put them in a ramdisk because i may
loose them if the server crashes.

Michenaud Laurent

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