first WM after X - survey?

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Thu Oct 4 13:02:23 PDT 2001

Chris Lingard wrote:
> Lets here it for mwm.  Lesstif builds right out of the box, and has no
> dependencies.
> Also you can configure emacs and stuff  --with-x-toolkit=motif

I tried to play with the LessTif mwm a few times, but it just didn't
seem to work right. I don't know... Like it was broken or something.
What I remember is that the root window menu did not function. I tried
left/middle/right clicks and nothing... OK, I'm lazy. This was before
I tried to configure it, but I've tried since then a couple times
and gave up.

It's no big deal for me; I'm not looking for a new WM at all. Since
you mentioned mwm though, I thought I should ask...

Is there something special to make mwm do what it should do?

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