first WM after X - survey?

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Thu Oct 4 10:15:14 PDT 2001

Jesse McCrosky wrote:
> I can't believe no-one's mentioned enlightenment.  The best part is it
> forces you to install about 600 libraries which you're going to end up
> needing later on anyway.
> And for you heathens out there, no, enlightenment has never crashed on me.

Me either. E never crashed; BB never crashed. I kind of miss E, but I
simply never have time to install all the libs to get it going. The
reason I posted this message is I wanted to see what WMs people use
that need nothing more than a working X installation. I was a little
surprised for example when I realized that BB needed nothing more than
this. Of course, ldd would tell me this.

Of course, once I get a new LFS going I almost always install the things
that E requires, but I don't do this until later. By that time, I've
been using BB long enough that I don't need anything else. Still, one
of these days I'll compile E again. Just not today. Priorities you know

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