first WM after X - survey?

Scott Haugaard dino at
Thu Oct 4 10:09:03 PDT 2001

> So, if this is a survey... Here is one vote for Blackbox (BB).

I'm quite a fan of blackbox myself, but I recently discovered that I can sync 
my USB visor with the addressbook on Kmail.  That way I don't have to edit 
emails in jpilot *and* my email address book.  It works well on my LFS 
system.  I was never able to get this working with evolution (which is a bear 
to compile!!) and the address book conduit.  Another issue is that KDE is 
pretty easy to get set up quickly on an LFS system.  You pretty much just 
follow the KDE hint, compile kdelibs, then compile every other component 
concurrently except kdeaddons while you sleep.  :)  If you want to do palm OS 
stuff, get pilot-link installed before you compile KDE.  Unfortunately the 
coolest app I run is GNUCash, and I have to install much of Gnome anyway.
Complicated answer, but...

My vote: KDE
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